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Lichfield is a cathedral city in Staffordshire. One of eight civil parishes with a city status in England, Lichfield is situated roughly 16 miles north of Birmingham and as a town has a population of circa 33,000

Notable for its three-spired medieval cathedral, Lichfield was the birthplace of Samuel Johnson, the writer of the first English dictionary. The city’s recorded history began with Chad of Mercia in 669 CE and the settlement grew as the ecclesiastical centre of Mercia. The development of the city was consolidated in the 12th century under Roger de Clinton, who fortified the cathedral close and also laid out the town with the ladder-shaped street pattern, which pretty well survives today. Lichfield’s heyday was arguable in the 18th century when it was developed into a thriving coaching city. This was a period of great intellectual activity, the city being the home of many famous people including Samuel Johnson, David Garrick ( whom the theatre is now named after ) and Erasmus Darwin ( Grandfather of Charles Darwin )

Today, the city still retains its old importance as an ecclesiastical centre, and its industrial and commercial development has been limited. The centre of the city also retains its unspoilt charm with over 230 listed buildings in its historic streets.

Lichfield is also a real centre of culture with the Bower festival dating back to the middle ages still taking place annually on Spring Bank Holiday. A celebration that dates back to the court of Arraye in the 12th century which includes Morris men, marching bands, carnival floats and the Bower Queen. ( you might NOT want to plan your wedding for this weekend if you’re after a quiet affair lol ) The Lichfield festival is also a yearly event that takes place in July and celebrates classical music, dance, drama, film, jazz, literature and poetry. Events take place around the town centre and focus on the cathedral and Garrick theatre.

The largest religious denomination in Lichfield parish is Christianity – over two thirds of people in the last census professed the christian faith and is all centred around the main cathedral.

The Anglican faith is in the majority with three parishes as well as a cathedral, St Michael’s and St Mary’s serve the main parishes.

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Swinfen Hall Hotel – 01543 481 494

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Netherstowe House – 01543 254 270

Lichfield Festival

Centred around the Cathedral – Lichfield Festival in an annual event in July bringing together all kinds of entertainers