Wedding Hints and Tips – On the Day

As a wedding photographer, I attend more weddings each year than the average person, and as a result I have learned so many simple things that will help your day run smoothly. These tips are just simple things that I have discovered along the way that you might find useful:


Bridal tips

• When you’re having your hair styled on your wedding day, wear a shirt or a dressing gown. Many brides wear a t-shirt, then struggle to get it over their newly styled hair. If you wear a shirt / dressing gown it can be unbuttoned and will not damage your hairdo.

• If you have a dress that goes over your head, get a pillow case or a silk underskirt to put over your head first. This way your dress will slide on more easily with damaging hair or getting any make-up on it.

• Remove labels on the underside of shoes – this is a very fiddly and time-consuming job that is best sorted in advance of your wedding day and is the last thing you will want people to see as you walk down the isle.

• If your dress has laces or buttons, ask a friend to come and help you dress. Often a bridesmaid or family member will be there for bridal preparations, but it is likely that they may also have false nails for the occasion. If you have a friend present who isn’t in the bridal party they will be able to help the bride to get dressed.

• Dress the bride first. Lots of people dress the bride last so everyone is ready to help, but if plans start to run behind it will be the bride who is in a rush to get dressed. If you dress the bride first she can get ready at her own pace, feel relaxed and have time to make any adjustments to her dress for maximum comfort. It is not the bride’s job to dress the bridesmaids or any children – make sure you have plenty of helpers to do this so that she can enjoy her wedding day. ( there is also a selfish motive here as it enables the photography team to be able to get a few extra shots )


Gentlemen – you need to plan ahead!

• This may seem obvious, but remember your socks! Far too many grooms get married without socks and it can sometimes be seen on photographs. You might want to pack a spare pair as well … case one of your party forget theirs

• If you usually have your head shaven, please don’t do it on the day of your wedding,or you will look shiny on photographs. Have your head shaved at least one week prior to your wedding to allow time for some of it to grow back and remove the glow.

• As with the ladies – if you have new shoes then take the labels off the sole before your wedding day, they will be even more apparent on yours than the ladies. Oh and clean shoes in advance – i’ve seen people get shoe polish on their wedding suits.

• Your buttonhole is traditionally worn on your left lapel – whichever side you prefer, ensure that you and your ushers all wear their buttonholes on the same side. Bring a few spare pins – somehow – they always seem to get lost

• Most shirts that come with a wedding suit will require cufflinks – make sure you have some with you if this is an item of clothing you are not used to wearing.


The most important thing for both bride and groom is to forget about everybody else on the day and enjoy your wedding day! The planning is complete and it’s time to have a great day. Whatever happens you need to take it in your stride – don’t dwell on the little things that may not be going to plan, but laugh at them and enjoy yourself. Never lose sight of the reason you are there – to become husband and wife.