Wedding Posing Guide

Knowing how to “pose” and “be posed” are some of the basic fundamentals of ensuring your photos are the very best on your wedding day

Posing is not about striking over the top body positions or making large gestures, its about some basic body shapes and positions that will not only show you in the best light but also create the most pleasing images as an end result

Most importantly ladies….well and men….striking the right pose can also make you appear slimmer !!! and I’m sure we all want that

The amount of people that ask me “do you photoshop” the images………well actually in most cases, just getting some of the basics right means you wouldn’t need to anyway.


Wedding Posing Guide - Basics

  • The shape of your body is critical for any full length body posed images.

    As a general rule, the body should be turned three quarters to the camera. By doing this, the majority of your torso will be at an angle to the camera and naturally make it appear slimmer. It is also important that the body weight is distributed correctly and where possible, weight should always be placed on the back foot – again pulling your natural body shape up.

    As couples, by both doing this, it enables both of you to fit together better as any gap between your bodies is eliminated. Negative space between couples on images rarely looks good. This position is also used for Group shots to enable far more pleasing end result images

    Other key things to consider are arms………if in doubt bend it or do something with it – nothing looks worse than a trailing arm. On the day, the photographer will work with you to ensure all arms in groups and couple shots are mirrored o create a better balance to the end photos.



  • Every pose starts at the position of the feet – get it right and every pose will look natural – get it wrong and the pose will look uncomfortable due to the imbalance of the body.

    The back foot, on which all the weight should be placed, should be turned at 90 degree’s to the camera – the front foot, which is used as the balance or “show” foot is positioned to point towards the camera.

    By adopting this technique, the body will naturally adopt the three quarters stance as mentioned above.

    For ladies, the stance is then enhanced by tilting the front foot slightly to the side ( inwards ) allowing the ankle to bend and create a much more graceful line.

    Men ……seriously, I wouldn’t try the “tilt”…….it doesn’t look half as good on you

      feet pose 1_edited-1  feet pose 2_edited-1


  • With the body positioned at three quarters, the head will naturally have to turn back a little to face the camera. With all the weight on the back foot the pose will naturally look relaxed.

    To enhance this though, if you tilt the head slightly upwards towards the front shoulder, this create a smoother line. If the head tilts down towards the front shoulder, the chin will drop and the eyes will be given more impact – if you aren’t careful this may look quite aggressive.

    Eyes – it is vital that we see the whites of your eyes and your pupils in the shot. Care must be given when you are asked to look away from the camera that the pupils are not too far to the left or right and we can see too much white. This can look a bit odd in the end result images

    The Photographer will always work with you on this and may ask you to look / glance in directions that don’t appear natural. There will always be a reason for this and its all about “too much white”


  • Badly posed hands can absolutely ruin a photograph.

    Hands can be used expressively to add drama to the pose or expression and character to certain portraits, but initially – best to keep it simple.

    If in doubt though – hide them lol

    Also remember that the side of the hand is always more elegant than the back. For ladies this can look more flattering and feminine. If you can keep your hand above the waist with the wrist slightly bent, this will also enhance the gracefulness of any pose

    For the men – be careful about hands in pockets. If you much tuck them in, just use your thumbs and hook them. On a photograph, hands fully in pockets can make you look like you have no hands at all

    hand pose 1

  • Cane

    A cane is an excellent prop for a Groom. You can really get some animation in a pose, especially when shooting the couple together.

    The classic pose is cane held on the top with both hands and point down to the floor.

    Remember men think “gentleman” …. your cane is not a weapon !!! so please don’t hold it as such.


    The key think is to ensure is that anyone holding a bouquet looks natural and not in a forced position.

    Generally ladies have a habit of holding them too high up which not only looks uncomfortable but also hides dress detail.

    If in doubt keep the bouquet low and keep it looking relaxed – remember, soft hands ladies


    Ladies – you will no doubt be wearing them – why not its a wedding day.

    For photography purposes, hats can be a nightmare. Not only do they obscure your face, but with the sun or light in the wrong direction, they will also cast some pretty horrid shadows.

    If in doubt ladies, try and push them a little higher on your head and when looking at the camera – please ensure you tilt your head upwards

    Men – you will no doubt be carrying top hats if you have them.

    If in doubt, ensure the hat is held in the outside hand with the fingers gripping the top of the rim and the arm allowed to drop straight. If you have gloves, also hold them in the same hand.

    To enhance the photo as well, please ensure that the cuffs of your shirts are pulled down below the jacket line, this will make the images flow better

    wedding photography - formal shots