Wedding Photography Common Questions asked to us by Bride and Grooms

Q) Who will be photographing the wedding ?

A) The wedding will always be lead by the photographer you meet and are comfortable with. On the day they will generally be assisted by a female photographer to ensure a better coverage of the bridal prep in the morning and the day generally

Q) Have you shot a wedding at the venue before ?

A) In most cases the answer is yes, but if we haven’t we will always engage with your wedding co-ordinator and arrange to view the venue, layouts, rooms, timings etc well before your big day. Your wedding co-ordinator will usually also put us in touch with other local professionals who have used it for advice

Q) What Packages do you offer and are there any hidden costs ?

A) The prices are detailed in the section on the website on prices. There are no hidden costs, everything would be discussed and agreed with you up front before any formal contract is signed and a deposit taken

Q) How long will you be at the Wedding ?

A) That depends on the package you choose, but basically from whenever you want us to arrive to whenever you want us to go home. Once a Wedding is booked – no other engagements are ever taken for the same day in case of time overruns etc

Q) Will we meet to discuss the photographs and who will be in the group shots ?

A) We will always come and see you around a month before the wedding to tie up final plans. This is the ideal session to discuss your specific group shot list. We will work off a suggested generic template, but this will be amended to suit your specific requirements.

Q) How will I be able to View my Wedding proofs ?

A) All images are uploaded to a protected gallery that you can view – delete – amend as you wish, before anything is distributed to family and friends

Q) What happens if my pictures don’t come out or I don’t like them ?

A) On the day – two people are always shooting off two cameras each, so we have never had a situation where the images haven’t come out. Even a technical problem would be isolated to one camera  / one card and we never take that chance. All images are backed up as we go along to ensure maximum protection. To date…….fingers crossed, we have never had a Bride and Groom who haven’t been 100% happy with their end images. For us the key is preparation – if we know exactly what you want beforehand and have agreed styles and formats, there is no reason that you should not be happy with them.

Q) Who will I deal with After the Day ?

A) Whoever is the lead photographer will deal with you after the day on any discussions around image selection etc

Q) Can we order prints / Albums etc ?

A) Whilst we package on an “image only” basis – there are plenty of options to discuss and order albums, books prints as you wish

Q) How much will prints cost / Albums cost ?

A) It is impossible to say up front, as it very much depends on what you want and the volume you order. All volume discounts are passed on to the customer and we only used the highest quality of print / album suppliers

Q) Do you keep a copy of all our images ?

A) A full set is available to view online and will be held there generally for 5 years. We back up every image from every shoot we do and to date….still hold everyone

Q) How long have you been in business….and plan on staying in business ?

A) We have been shooting photos for over 20 years and fully intend to do so for the next 20 years……at least. Photography is a passion NOT a job and its something that everybody at With This Ring Wedding Photography is very passionate about.