ABC Photography Group

ABC Photography Group

2019 sees the start of a new chapter in the life of With This Ring Wedding Photography with the re-branding and association under the ABC Photography Group umbrella

Its been a difficult few months with the transition following the close of the studio and the now residency status that one of our partners Chantal Lake has taken at the lovely Brook Marston Hotel in Sutton Coldfield ( where we are now the in house supplier ). Lovely to see all new Chantal’s new imagery on this and other associated booking sites.

Also though Chantal will be exclusive to the venue for her weddings there, she will still be shooting as part of the team at With This Ring at other local venues

ABC Photography group is the coming together of a number of legacy and current trading brands. AGB Imagery, the brand first formed over 20 years ago by Andrew Bird was set up to support mainly theatre and family photography. Whilst we haven’t used this name for some years now, all legacy connections are being merged into the ABC Group.

Picture Purrfect Pet, a brand set up by Chantal exclusively for pets and hugely successful over the past 5 years is also now in the process of being merged into the ABC Group. While still a bespoke pet offering, this year will see the brand disappear altogether and just trade through the ABC Group.

Ariane Photography Studio, the base from which we have operated over the past 5 years in association with other photographers has now closed down and is a car body repair shop…..A shame really as it was a great space but to be honest far to big for whatever we needed. Going forward, the trading side of Ariane has been picked up under ABC. There are a number of services no longer being offered and the new website will be up and running shortly.

ABC Photography Group is an exciting venture for 2019 and gives us all the chance to streamline and focus on our core areas and lose some of the peripheral product offerings

Watch this space for the launch of the new ABC website in the coming weeks